With responsibility for managing large groups of people, often displaying aggressive or inebriated behaviour, security personnel face possible attacks on a nightly basis. In particular, patrons have easy access to improvised weapons such as glasses and bottles, making it critical for door supervisors to have protection against a wide variety of threats.

At a bare minimum, door supervisors of clubs, bars, and pubs should wear covert or overt stab proof vests, protecting themselves from potentially dangerous situations involving knives, broken glasses and bottles. The possibility of ballistic attacks is also present outside many nightlife venues, and door supervisors may opt for a vest offering protection against bullets. Lightweight and highly protective, our Stealth vest can be worn above or under clothes as required, giving the wearer complete flexibility in a variety of situations.

Frequently hired for their crime deterrence capacities, security guards usually wear high visibility, overt pieces of body armour. This places the security guard apart from the crowd, establishing him or her as a figure of authority. Like door supervisors, security guards will choose stab proof vests as a bare minimum, but frequently opt for bullet, stab and spike proof vests that can defeat a wide range of potential threats.