Protection Types

Soldier walking with a bulletproof vest and helmet.
Looking for a comprehensive guide to protection types? Check out our latest blog post where we break down the most common types of protective gear including bulletproof vests, stab vests, and more. Learn about the different levels of protection and which type of gear is best suited for your needs.
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Close-up photo of a sharp knife blade placed on a white surface
Learn about body armor designed to stop knife and spike attacks, including the materials and construction methods used. Find out how SafeGuard Armor™ products can provide reliable protection for those working in law enforcement, security, and other high-risk occupations.
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Soldier standing with body armor and helmet holding a gun
Learn about ballistic plates and their importance in body armour. Our blog post provides a summary of different types of plates, materials used in manufacturing, and how they protect against various threats. Check out our range of ballistic plates for sale at SafeGuard Armour.
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