Soldier wearing body armour vest with MOLLE webbing and pouches, holding a rifle in a desert environment.
MOLLE – Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment – is an essential part of military equipment, helping soldiers since before the millennia. The military consistently uses MOLLE, but other users include law enforcement, firefighters, and adventurers. MOLLE uses different compartments of webbing,...
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Soldier in Camouflage Shooting Next to Wall - SafeGuard Armour
Discover how soldiers use color and pattern to blend in with their environment in military combat. Learn the secrets behind visual deception that helps them hide from enemies for hours. Find out how technology is changing the game for camouflage. Read on to learn more.
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Person sewing body armor material using a sewing machine.
Discover the different types of body armour materials available on the market and how they provide protection. Learn about advanced materials used in military-grade body armour and how they can keep you safe in high-risk situations. Check out SafeGuard Armor's collection of premium body armour products for maximum protection.
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