Widely employed by police departments around the world for the past three decades, body armour is credited with saving more than 4,000 active duty officers’ lives in the United States alone.

Unfortunately, police officers today confront a wide range of threats on a daily basis, including verbal and physical threats, as well attacks by assailants utilising knives, guns, syringes and improvised weapons such as bottles. Police officers must be on constant guard, with quality body armour ensuring their personal protection, whatever the situation.

The type of threat law enforcement officers typically face alters dramatically depending on their work environment. While gun and knife attacks are certainly more likely in a major urban area than in a small village, all police officers should be aware that they can face unexpected threats in any environment.

Police officers generally wear overt body armour in black or highly visible colours, making them noticeable in a crowd and serving as a deterrent to potential violence. In certain cases, plain clothes or undercover officers will find covert bullet proof vests necessary, concealing the fact that they are wearing body armour.

Our Patrol bullet proof vest is the model of choice for many police departments throughout the UK, including Manchester and London. Rugged, durable, and comfortable, it is ideal for use on an everyday basis. Designed for situations where overt vests are not optimal, our Stealth vest provides a comfortable and lightweight option for police detectives and officers involved in undercover situations. 

Prison Officers

Prison officers may be less likely to face life-threatening situations than police officers, but many wear body armour every day at work.

Generally, prison officers wear covert bullet proof vests that avoid antagonising inmates and decrease the likelihood of a physical threat emerging. The body armour piece effectively cushions the blows associated with physical attacks, with stab and spike proof vest offering additional protection against improvised weapons such as cutting objects, needles, and shanks.

With incidents of armed groups attempting to free gang members during transport operations on a dramatic rise, many police officers tasked with prison transport wear bullet proof vests. Comfortable over extended periods of use, our Stealth vest is thin and lightweight while offering highly concealable protection. Undetectable under clothes, the vest’s Coolmax technology can help keep the wearer cool.